このようになりました 芦別市一戸建て(3) It became like this Ashibara detached house (3)


Hokkaido Ashibetsu City 4 North West 3 – chome 11-2


The first floor north side Western-style room cost money. The floor is made from tatami flooring and the walls and the ceiling have a double structure with insulation. It is to prevent dew condensation by increasing heat retention performance.


Living room


Western-style room on the 1st floor.


There is no partition at the time of shooting, but now it is designed to be separated by a sling door.


Living room



Western style western room from the living room.

When the wall became beautiful the dirt on the floor caught my eye. If the customer does not enter too cushion floor.


このようになりました 芦別一戸建て(2) It became like this Ashibara detached house (2)


Hokkaido Ashibetsu City 4 North West 3 – chome 11-2


Mr. Matsuyama of Minami Shoji purchased the toilet. It is fully automated toilet.


Entrance. Many thumbtacks. All are pulled out.


Extended storeroom.


Sink. When asking my wife that “it is narrow,” “every house is about this size.”


Kerosene boiler


Mr. Matsuyama of Minami Shoji purchased this sink.


I just fixed the plumbing in the bath.


このようになりました 芦別市一戸建て(1) It became like this Ashibara detached house (1)


Hokkaido Ashibetsu City 4 North West 3 – chome 11-2



Second floor north side Japanese style room

I am making it an LED light now. I changed the floor from tatami flooring to flooring


Attic. Because the roof was broken and leaked out, mold stain is attached.


Western-style room on the second floor. I am not wearing hands here.


Tatami space on the 2nd floor south Western style room




I replaced the cloth and became beautiful.

美装会社は質に大きな違いがある Cleaning company has big difference in quality



Cleaning of the property of Takigawa and Ashibets is asked by a beauty company operating individually in Takigawa City.

This time Ashibets also asked the company.




He was doing his best, but I do not feel like I got really beautiful. This will cost you 60,000 yen. It is 60,000 yen in 2 days, because it is unnecessary work of large capital, it will be a good income if you do the same size work every day.

As I checked the next day, there were a few leftovers left for cleaning. After notifying this dealer, I lowered it. But we will consider not to order the next job.

Actually, I’d like to ask Be Clean of Asahikawa, but I am thinking about what to do because I need transportation expenses.

佐藤泰裕CEOに値付けをしてもらう Get the value with Yasuhiro Sato CEO


After distributing the leaflets at the Kokugakuin College in Takikawa City, we went  to see the house of Ashibetsu.


What is shown here is the house next door.


Look at the exterior


Second floor North side Western-style room




Western Floor 2nd floor

The rent was lower than my hope by 10,000 yen. The reason is “window”. Although it is a triple window, it is not an insulated window.

After consultation, I decided to put out a leaflet at the price of my hope first, and cut down the flyer once again if the customer does not attach.

芦別一戸建て クロス貼り終えました Ashibetsu detached house finished cross pasting


Where it was the former Japanese-style room on the north side of the second floor


This is the 1st floor north facing room. Originally it was full of mold


When the wall gets clean, the floor stains become visible.

芦別の一戸建て クロス張り替え中 Asbetsu’s detached cross is being replaced


The front desk I am always asking is working. It seemed that this day was working on another site, the craftsman was not.


All the walls has been detached. . The ceiling is already pasted.



It seems that it will be beautiful even if you dirty a dirty cloth


Well how beautiful will it be

滝川でチラシまき Flirting in Takikawa



I am sorry to delay updates

I’ve been spreading leaflets at the Kokugakuin College in Takikawa City. I was able to give flyers to all the students. I would appreciate it if I could acquire tenants.


The weather was nice only when I took a picture. Immediately after the storm. Now that I’m writing this, a great wind of mistletoe is blowing.

オリス紋別 見てきました I have seen Oris Monbetsu





I went to Monbetsu the other day, so I saw the selling apartment I was curious about.

Oris Monbetsu

Monbetsu City Kogacho 1 – chome 30-3

15 million yen. tax included


Oris mombetsu


1K、16 rooms


Garbage is normal as it is for sale. Castle Toko and Salteria 13 B were much worse


Walls, roofs and doors just painted paint


The house is rising on the way because it is a sloping ground

プロパンガス 紋別に都市ガスはありません。

Propane gas Monbetsu has no city gas.


The back side is also beautiful.


I tried calling the trial, but I could not connect.


Parking lot is only 4 in front. There are 16 houses so obviously not enough.






However, if we set this front as a parking lot, we will be able to put six more cars, so it will be fine for the moment. And there are many vacant lots around.

Looking at the materials sent from the brokerage, land is 462.71 square meters, building 338.8 square meters. New construction in January 1992, 26 years built.

The property tax is said to be a little 110,000 yen.

The rent is 224,377 yen monthly. Fully occupied at 4,443,777 yen. A full room rent is calculated for one house 28,000 yen. Surface yield is 36.35%. Even now the surface yield is 18%.

First of all, if you install free Wifi, secure a parking lot, lower your rent and attach a washing toilet seat, it will be fully booked. I will buy it if it is Takikawa or Fukagawa or shibetsu but I can not buy it far from Monbetsu.

芦別の一戸建ての隣の家も賃貸に出ていた A house next to Ashibetsu-no-detached house was also rented


The house on the left side of this house which is currently renovating was also being rented out in a vacant house.

こちらです 売り家でなくて賃貸。


Here it is
Lease rather than selling house.

I can see the house I bought in the back of the picture below.




Making is a bit different. There is no shed, like my house.

Because it seems that the ground is ruled by the railway to increase the number of the property, I called the owner of this house, it is said that the borrower has already attached. When I heard the price, it seems that cheaper than 45,000 yen. Because it would be an amateur for rent, I would have lent it without making it much beautiful.

The owner lives in Sapporo. Because there is a possibility that this property will be handed off due to circumstances of something, I wrote a letter and requested “I want you to sell the future.”


これはお買い得かも 北海道紋別市のアパート This may be a bargain Apartment in Monbetsu city Hokkaido




Everyone living in Monbetsu city, an attractive property came out. 15 million yen. I will definitely buy if I finished Monbetsu.

Since Monbetsu often goes to work, there is also an intuition.

I think that it is for the students of Dojo university that I relocated now, but the location is good


It is near city hall, primary school, general hospital. The harbor is also near.


It is for single use. Bathroom and toilet are separate places.





The seller’s “HASCOM” has an apartment called “Oris xxx” in various parts of the province. It seems that they are selling unprofitable apartments.

As I looked at the net, the same apartment was out at more than 30,000 yen, so if you clean the interior, add a washlet and add the price to the first half of 20,000 yen, it will be fully occupied. A total of 16 rooms, 350,000 yen a month if it is 2.5 million yen. Annually 4.2 million yen. It can be taken in 2 years 10 months.

As expected, Monbetsu is far away so I do not buy it, but I think this property is a bargain.

売れるか マンションおかひさ Can it be sold? Apartment Okahisa




いいですね でも私は売らない。私の物件は買った時点で表面利回り20%以上です。現在販売されているアパートは表面利回りがせいぜい15%ですし忠和以外は満室ですから、最低でも20/15=4/3=1.33倍の値段がつくでしょうが、売らない。


Apartment Okahisa

It is in negotiations.

About Mansion Oka Hisa is written here as “Resale profit aim”. If it sells in this, it will enter millions of yen pocket ♡

It’s fine, but I will not sell it. My property has a surface yield of over 20% when I bought it. The apartment currently sold has a surface yield of at most 15% and since it is fully booked except Chongwa, at least 20/15 = 4/3 = 1.33 times the price will be sold, but it does not sell.

It is not necessary to let go of the golden tree.

東神楽町ひじり野の売り家を見てくる See the selling house of Higashikagura Hijirino


My daughter may have married and may live in Togaku music, so I saw the selling house

↑この家は1395万円 築15年

↑ This house is 1395 million yen built 15 years


↑この家は1430万円  築25年。不動産屋が売り主

↑ This house was built for 14.3 million yen for 25 years. Realtor shop seller



This house is fully reformed and it is 16.8 million yen. A real estate agent is the seller. Built 27 years




Because Himido is a new residential area it does not have such an old house. In the photograph, the third house seems to be the oldest, but the seller is a real estate agent and has a considerable profit.

“We do not buy the property that the contractor has handled.” This is the principle of the renewal investment law.

I bought an unspoiled property about 25 years old and made it beautiful and live. If you do not need it for relocation etc, you can sell the house or turn it into a rental house. I will make my daughter buy such a property.



芦別一戸建て 駐車場新設 Newly established Ashibara detached parking lot


In Hokkaido, if you are a detached house, two cars are normal, and in the case of many, three parking spaces are necessary.


Since there was no parking lot only in the garage, we installed a civil engineering work and secured a parking lot. Just because the sprinkler plug which is visible to the left of the picture is popping out, the width was dull in my car. Still two cars could be stopped in a row if they were minicars.


犬たちと温泉へ Hot spring with dogs


I went to Toyako Onsen with my dogs.


Wattsu parking area




Explore the shores of Lake Toya


Relaxing in the room



↑ The bigger dogs will not pee unless they are outside, so they take them out in the rain.



The next day I took a walk at a nearby ranch. It was like a scenery like Tokachi.

Accommodations with dogs are limited, but it is fun to go with them.

芦別一戸建て ようやく水回り完成 Ashimetsu detached house finally completed water circulation


Ashikari detached house renovation not going late. Finally the water circulation is completed


toilet. second hand.


Re-plumbing the bath


We installed a kerosene type water heater newly in the kitchen.




The washbasin is also second hand.

Currently I am doing carpentry work.

We are going to start customer service in mid-November. It will surely be snowing.

東京出張 Business trip to Tokyo


I went to Tokyo the other day.


↑ Haneda Airport International Terminal and Parking Building


↑ Where we go to hotel of stay




This time I went to the meeting for making textbooks.

When I became a member of society, I thought that “I want to become a business trip to Tokyo for a day trip from Asahikawa.” That dream was realized by having been nominated as a member of the national advisory council five years ago. It is a trivial dream if I think about it now, but I was deeply moved by the situation I had dreamed of.

I hope the dream will come true. let’s do our best.

書評☆☆☆☆スティーブ・ジョブズ 無謀な男が真のリーダーになるまで Book Review ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Becoming Steve Jobs: The evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader

スティーブ・ジョブズ 無謀な男が真のリーダーになるまで(上) 単行本(ソフトカバー) – 2016/9/8

スティーブ・ジョブズ 無謀な男が真のリーダーになるまで(下) 単行本(ソフトカバー) – 2016/9/8

Becoming Steve Jobs: The evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader



この本で面白いのは、上巻のNeXTを運営ている部分。公式伝記ではほとんど書かれていない部分でもあります。アップルコンピュータを追い出され、アップルに復習するためだけにNeXTコンピュータを立ち上げた後の失敗の数々が鮮明に書かれています。この部分を読むと、ジョブズのような天才であっても誰でも分かるような失敗をするのだと納得すると同時に、これらの失敗があったからこそアップルに復帰した後の驚異の10年間(iMAc, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad)がもたらされたのだと理解できます。


Purchase a new item on Amazon 9/9/9

It is a book of 2 top and 2 volumes. Official biography interviewed himself for a long time directly in order to write biographies, but this time I made a book by interviewing Jobs and past magazines of the past, materials at the time of making an article, listening to people around Jobs It is.

What is interesting in this book is the part that operates NeXT in the first volume. It is a part that is hardly written in the official biography. There are clearly written a number of failures after being kicked out of the Apple computer and launching the NeXT computer just to review Apple. When I read this part, I am convinced that even a genius like Jobs will make a mistake that you can understand, and at the same time, because of these mistakes it is only after 10 years of amazement (iMAc, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad) has been brought to you.

“Life, there is no useless experience” is a common phrase to listen often and is quite a smelly word. However, it seems that there was no wasteful experience in Jobs. Looking back, how about myself? I have also failed a lot. I have to think back from time to time that there is a present life on top of that failure.

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